Dya-med Özel Sağlık Hizm.

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Dya-med Özel Sağlık Hizm.
Dya-med Özel Sağlık Hizm.

  • Şehir Muğla

Dear Valuable Customer,

We have noticed that hackers have been created fake e-mail accounts which looks like coming from Arsimed Medikal. 

Like export@arsimed.co.tk; export@arsimed-co.tk; export@arsimed.com.tk ; export@arsimed.com.cf expor@arsimet.com and etc

Our official e-mail accounts mentioned below: 






When you receive an e-mail, please kindly check letters if it is %100 the same as our official e-mails. 

Our official contact numbers are: 

Tel: (+90)216 567 8 567 Pbx

Faks: (+90)216 567 8 367

Gsm: (+90)5337382827 (WhatsApp IMO available)

          (+90)532 391 76 22 (WhatsApp available)

          (+90)532 391 76 32 (WhatsApp available)

If you have a suspicion about e-mail that your received, to avoid any problem during your payment and order process, please contact us directly from phone numbers.